Information for Upper-Division Transfer Students Not Offered Admission - Fall 2014 (As of March 17, 2014)

Overview of UC Santa Cruz's Selection Process

Frequently Asked Questions About the Admissions Process

Options for Applicants Not Offered Admission

Appeal Information - Fall 2014

Overview of UC Santa Cruz's Selection Process

UC Santa Cruz received nearly 8,200 transfer applications for fall 2014. The transfer enrollment target for fall quarter is 1,200 students, approximately 200 more than enrolled for fall 2013. UC Santa Cruz remains selective in its transfer admissions process.

Admission offers were made to upper-division transfer students at the junior level who had completed (or will complete by the end of their spring 2014 term) the minimum transfer eligibility requirements outlined on the University of California Office of the President web site. All junior transfer applications were evaluated based on selection criteria as set forth by the UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools, and our campus's Academic Senate Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid.

All applicants were admitted or denied following an extensive review process that evaluated the applicant's self-reported academic record. Applications were reviewed for UC-eligibility, completion of the required course pattern, including appropriate prerequisite courses completed in the areas of English and mathematics, overall UC-transferable grade point average, courses completed in an applicant’s proposed major, and total number of UC-transferable units completed. The following faculty-approved criteria were taken into consideration.

Junior-level Transfer Selection Criteria - Fall 2014

As stated in the Transfer Admission and Selection Guide, UC Santa Cruz reviewed transfer applicants to determine UC eligibility and the following campus selection factors:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) -- calculated on all completed, UC-transferable course work. To date, only students with a minimum 3.0 GPA have been offered admission. A final GPA will not be determined until all transfer evaluations have been completed.

  2. Total UC-Transferable Units -- a minimum of 60 semester/90 quarter units was required for admission. Students proposing units in the summer 2014 term toward this minimum total would not have been admitted. Additionally, students proposing course loads in fall and/or spring that were not consistent with their previous academic history would not have been admitted.

  3. The Required Course Pattern as defined on the University of California Office of the President web site -- two UC-transferable English composition courses, a UC-transferable mathematics course, and four courses in at least two of the three academic areas of social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences, and the arts and humanities. These courses need to be completed no later than the end of the spring 2014 term. Demonstrated success in appropriate preparatory course work in English and mathematics was required on the self-reported academic record for students who had not already satisfied these requirements.

  4. Lower-division courses completed toward a student’s proposed major, and the grades received in those courses. Junior-level transfer students are expected to have completed as many lower-division major preparatory courses as possible for their intended major, particularly for majors in the biological sciences, economics, psychology, and all majors in the Baskin School of Engineering..

Good Standing -- students needed to be in "good standing" at their last institution. A student is in "good standing" if the grade point average is at least 2.00 and the official transcript does not indicate dismissal, probation, or other restrictions. A student who has outstanding financial obligations to another institution is not considered to be in "good standing." Students who were not in "good standing" at their last institution would have been denied admission.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Admissions Process (as of 3/17/14)

How many transfer applications did you receive this year?


How many junior transfers did you offer admission to this year?

To date, we have admitted 2,021 students in the hope of enrolling a class of 1,200 students.

How many transfers did you deny admission to this year?

To date, 1,422 students have been denied.

Did you accept any lower-division transfer students?

No, UC Santa Cruz did not accept applications from lower-division transfer students for fall 2014.

Did you accept any second baccalaureate students?

No, UC Santa Cruz did not accept applications from second baccalaureate students for fall 2014.

How did you make your admissions decisions?

We employed faculty-approved selection criteria of the junior-transfer applicants. Students coming from the California community colleges remain our top priority in selecting transfer students for admission. Refer to our Transfer Admission and Selection Guide for more information.

When did you send your decisions out?

We began notifying transfer students March 17 and we will continue to notify through April 30.

Have you finished your selection process?

No. We will have completed our selection of transfers by the end of April.

What was the average GPA of your admits?

Our mean GPA for all junior-level transfer students admitted through 3/17/2014 was 3.41. Overall GPA is an important factor in our selection, and in some majors, a GPA in specific courses required for the major is equally important.

Is choice of major one of your criteria for admission/selection?

Yes, as transfer students should have completed as much of the lower-division requirements as possible for their intended majors. This is especially important for students in the biological sciences, economics, engineering, and psychology.

Did you admit all UC-eligible junior transfers?

To date we have only admitted UC-eligible transfer students with a minimum 3.0 GPA who met our campus selection criteria. As a selective campus, UCSC will not be able to admit all UC-eligible junior transfers. See the Transfer Selection Criteria above for more details.

Did you take fall term grades into account?

Provided a student submitted their fall 2013 grades in the Transfer Academic Update web site by February 15, the fall grades were taken into consideration for our admission decision. For those applications still under consideration, fall 2013 grades are taken into account.

Did you give any preference for local students?

No. We held all transfers to the same standards for admission, regardless of geographic location. Students transferring from the California community colleges remain the highest priority in our selection process.

How were you able to let some students know their decision before other students?

Students who had approved UCSC TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) agreements were admitted on March 17, as well as many other transfers who appeared highly qualified and were transferring directly from a California community college.

Why haven't you let students know about their denials before now?

The evaluation process for transfer applications is a complicated process and takes time. Notifications, both positive and negative, are posted in our portal ( on a rolling basis once the decisions are reached.

Did you take any out-of-state or international students?

Yes, but all these students would have been held to the same selection criteria as in-state or domestic junior-level transfers. Most of our international transfers attend California community colleges. In addition, most international students would be required to meet the UCSC English proficiency requirement.

I think you made a mistake and I'd like to appeal. Do you have an appeals process?

Yes, see below for more information.

I don't want to appeal because I think a mistake has been made. Can you tell me how I can get your decision changed?

The only way that UC Santa Cruz will reconsider you is if you submit a written appeal, and do so by the deadline.

Have you set aside a specific of number of admission spaces for appeal cases?

No, there is no specific number, and submitting an appeal does not guarantee that we will reverse our decision. We look at each appeal that is submitted in relation to the selection criteria that we used this year, and will apply the criteria fairly. If you meet our selection criteria, you will be offered admission.

When will I know a decision on my appeal?

If your appeal is postmarked no later than April 25, 2014 we will consider it. Our decisions on appeals will be mailed no later than the week of May 16. Students admitted by appeal will need to accept their offer of admission by the Statement of Intent to Register deadline of June 1.

If my appeal is denied, what are my chances for winter admission?

UCSC does not plan to accept applications for winter 2015 enrollment. The next chance for you to apply for admission will be fall 2015. The application filing period for fall 2015 is November 1-30, 2014.

Does UCSC have a waitlist?

UCSC did offer some denied freshmen a waitlist option, but this option is not available to transfer students.

Can I apply for spring 2015?

Our campus does not accept applications for the spring quarter.

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Options for Applicants Not Offered Admission

Transfer applicants who have not been offered admission at UC Santa Cruz may wish to consider the following options:

  1. All UC campuses offer a quality education. If you applied to another UC campus and have been offered admission, we strongly encourage you to consider this offer. Many of our applicants also have admission offers at a number of other excellent public and private colleges and universities and should consider those offers as well.

  2. Students who believe that they can meet the selection criteria for UC Santa Cruz, and still transfer at the junior level, can complete those requirements elsewhere and reapply for a future term. UC Santa Cruz is committed to assisting students in transferring from a California community college, and we give highest priority for admission to community college students transferring at the junior level. UC Santa Cruz maintains a transfer admission guarantee program (TAG) with every community college within the state to ensure you can earn your degree at our campus. Obtaining a fall 2015 guarantee agreement with UC Santa Cruz may be an option. See the Transfer Center at any of the California community colleges. A listing of transfer centers within the state can be found at

  3. Please be aware that UC Santa Cruz does not consider students transferring at the senior level. If you have earned 90 semester/135 quarter units of UC-transferable units, UC Santa Cruz will not accept your application. If all of your units are at the lower-division level, such as at a community college, you are not considered to be in senior standing.

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Appeal Information - Fall 2014

To appeal our denial you must present new information that was not contained in your original application and personal statement. If there is nothing new or compelling, an appeal may not be appropriate. To appeal, you must submit the following:

  1. A letter of appeal addressed to:

    Blia Yang, Associate Director of Admissions

    Office of Admissions-Hahn

    UC Santa Cruz

    1156 High Street

    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

    ATTN: Appeals

    The letter must come from you (not a parent or counselor) and should contain the reasons why you feel an exception should be made on your case. The letter must also note the courses in which you are currently enrolled.

  2. Transcripts from any collegiate institutions in which you've been registered/enrolled. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

  3. A single letter of recommendation (optional) from a source who can speak to your academic strengths.

All information must be received in one packet, postmarked by April 25, 2014. Faxed appeals or e-mail appeals will not be given consideration. Appeals filed by someone other than the student, or appeals that are incomplete, will not be given consideration.

Decisions will be communicated no later than the week of May 16, 2014, and students who are admitted will be required to meet the Statement of Intent to Register deadline of June 1 to accept their offer of admission.

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