Subject: Humanities at UC Santa Cruz

Date: February 24, 2017

I am happy to hear of your interest in the Division of Humanities at the University of California, Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz offers comprehensive liberal arts and engineering curricula with an emphasis on integrating high-quality undergraduate education with the goals and values of a research and teaching university. Should you be admitted to the university, I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about the humanities at UC Santa Cruz.

Imagine you live in a place where your neighbors come from a country you’ve never heard of. How will you communicate with them, how will you share with them your ideas about your community and your country, and make them a part of it? What will you want or need to learn about where they came from?

Today’s world is interconnected and globalized as never before. In the humanities, we research the human condition in all its complexity and diversity, past and present. Its goal is to train students to become aware and effective citizens of the world. Those who understand how to deal with different peoples around the world will be the leaders of tomorrow.

All UC Santa Cruz humanities programs are nationally recognized for their quality and for the prominence and dedication of their faculty. Faculty accomplishments in a range of disciplines speak to the intellectual breadth and depth that distinguishes outstanding work in the humanities. The extraordinary accomplishments of our alumni reflect the broadly applicable values that engagement with the humanities imparts.

Along with our diverse academic departments, the Division of Humanities is home to a wide variety of special projects, research programs, and unique areas of study. For example, the Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) hosts scholarly conferences, guest speakers, and colloquia that enhance the intellectual life of the entire campus and supports academic research initiatives for faculty and students. The IHR also supports undergraduate research projects via the annual Humanities Undergraduate Research Awards (HUGRA) program.

We offer several interdisciplinary programs, including Classical Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, East Asian Studies (minor), Feminist Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Jewish Studies, and Spanish Studies, all of which build on the strengths of faculty in History, Literature, and Philosophy. And starting in fall 2016, we have added a Minor in History of Consciousness. The Humanities Division is also home to the Dickens Project, a multi-campus UC research group, and the Linguistics Research Center, which facilitates original research in theoretical linguistics.

For more information about humanities programs at UC Santa Cruz, feel free to visit our web site.

Sincerely yours,

Tyler Stovall

Dean, Division of Humanities

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