UC Santa Cruz offers an innovative, interdisciplinary education with a focus on undergraduate learning. Combining the advantages of a small college setting with the resources of a major research university, UCSC's faculty and researchers often partner with undergraduate students in their labs and research, and students often co-publish papers with their professors.

Some academic strengths of UC Santa Cruz:

Undergraduate Research

UC Santa Cruz is consistently highly ranked in worldwide research influence -- we are well known in the academic community as a place where new ideas originate. As a student here, you can be part of that exciting process by participating in undergraduate research and scholarship.

Three Year Pathways

Graduate in three years! UC Santa Cruz offers accelerated degree pathways in some of our most popular majors. Students have used these pathways to save themselves time and money. Find out more by viewing this video.

Fieldwork and Internships

With our professors so deeply involved in research and with our location close to the innovation centers of Silicon Valley and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, UC Santa Cruz offers a wide range of opportunities for fieldwork and internships.


Entrepreneurship is nourished and funded at UC Santa Cruz, offering programs such as the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development, IDEA Hub, the Arts Division's Creative Entrepreneurship Internship Program, and the Everett Program. We also offer entrepreneurship courses as part of the academic program.

Honors and Enrichment Programs

UC Santa Cruz has many opportunities for well prepared students who want to challenge themselves further, such as the College Scholars Program, honors societies, and intensive programs of study.

Residential Colleges

Our distinctive residential college system offers a unique living/learning experience, a seminar-style core course the freshman year, additional advising, and other academic and cocurricular classes and programs.

For more information, see our list of undergraduate majors, or browse the current General Catalog online.