Community College Counselor FAQ

What are the academic criteria for transfer admission and selection?
For this information, please see

What is the conditions of admission contract?

Transfer Conditions of Admission Contract 2017
Conditions of Admission Contract FAQs for Admitted Students

Where can I find fee information?
Current fee information can be found at

Where can my students and their families get information about financial aid?
The UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office has a web site about applying for financial aid at

What is your transfer student population?
For this information, please see the UCSC Student Profile - Transfer Students.

How can I get a UCSC catalog?
UCSC only publishes its Catalog online.

What is UCSC's grading system?
Undergraduates are graded on a traditional A-F (4.0) scale. Students may elect a pass/no pass option for no more than 25% of their coursework; several majors further limit use of pass/no pass grading.

What is UCSC's average GPA for admitted transfer students?
For this information, please see the UCSC Student Profile - Transfer Students.

What are UCSC's retention and graduation rates?
For this information, please see the UCSC Student Profile - Transfer Students.

How can my students take advantage of guaranteed admission through the UCSC TAG program?
For this information, please see our UCSC TAG page.

What is UCSC's policy on IGETC?
For this information, please see

What support services does UCSC have for prospective and incoming transfer students?
Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students (STARS)

Veterans Education Team Support (VETS)

Admissions Transfer Information Sessions


Are there any housing guarantees for transfer students?
Yes, new transfer students for fall 2018 are guaranteed one year of university-sponsored housing for single students, as long as all deadlines are met.

What on-campus housing is available for transfer students?
All incoming transfer students (regardless of college affiliation) requesting single-student university housing are housed at the Transfer Community, located in the Porter College residence halls.

Transfer students benefit from an academically and socially supportive environment offering special programs designed to help their transition to campus life, build a strong connection with the campus, and get the most out of their UCSC experience.

Students in the Transfer Community live in close proximity, and have easy access, to Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students (STARS) and the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Students are housed primarily in singles or doubles (some triple rooms may be available upon request and space availability), and all students will have a meal plan that can be used in the Porter/Kresge Dining Hall, or any open dining hall on campus. In addition, UCSC offers Family Student Housing and Child Care Services for students with families.

If admitted, how does a student accept the offer of admission?
In the student portal,, a student should click on the link "Now that I'm Admitted, What's Next?" From there, a student will be directed to the multi–step online process for accepting the offer of admission. To view the steps in the acceptance process, go to:

» MyUCSC Guide

What are my resources for more information?
Counselors are encouraged to contact the Admissions Representative for their college.

We also invite you to sign up for our counselor newsletter and e-mail updates at To see an archive of our counselor newsletter, eSlug, go to

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