eSlug Newsletter Fall 2016

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a recent UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

Welcome to the last two months of 2016, everyone! November 1 is always a special date for any University of California admissions officer as it marks the official kick-off of another admissions cycle. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the UC admissions calendar, November 1 is the first day students can submit their applications for the following fall, which in this case is fall 2017. Before we look ahead, however, I’d like to provide you with a short recap of the fall 2016 admissions cycle, including our latest enrollment information.

Thanks to our work with wonderful partners like you, fall 2016 truly was a banner year. We saw increases in applications that represented all-time highs for both first-year students (frosh) and transfer students. Our frosh applications grew nearly 8% to just over 49,000 and our transfer applications were up over 13%, to nearly 10,000. We were able to increase our offers of admission to both populations this year because of an increased enrollment target. Our admission rates were slightly below 60% for both transfers and frosh, including thousands of frosh who were offered admission from the UC Santa Cruz waitlist.

But the most important piece to any admissions cycle is the actual enrollment of our new undergraduates – did we reach our enrollment goals? Directors of Admission from around the world are always on edge about meeting campus enrollment goals, and UC Directors of Admission have made an art form out of that nervousness, so I’m very pleased to say that here at UCSC, we did, in fact, meet our enrollment goals, including growing several key student cohorts from within our overall enrollment goals. Here are some of those highlights:

Our enrollment of new frosh is 4,255, approximately 600 more than fall 2015. California residents comprise nearly 90% of that total, with the remaining frosh coming from other states and other countries.

  • The ethnic diversity of the new frosh showed gains in African American/Black (52 more students for a total of 172, a 43% increase), American Indian/Alaskan Native (10 more students for a total of 49, a 25.6% increase), and Hispanic (108 more students for a total of 1,076, an 11% increase).
  • Our enrollment of new transfers is 1,146, roughly the same as last fall, with another 100 junior-level transfer students slated to join the campus in winter quarter 2017 – an overall increase of nearly 8%.
  • Similar to the new frosh, the fall 2016 transfers showed gains in African American/Black (7 more students for a total of 52, a 15.5% increase), American Indian/Alaskan Native (10 more students for a total of 20, a 100% increase), and Hispanic (27 more students for a total of 348, an 8.4% increase).

These numbers reflect the hard work and dedication of so many individuals, including colleagues like you. On behalf of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of UC Santa Cruz, I thank you for these successes!

Over the last couple of months, the Office of Admissions has filled critical positions, such as our Associate Director overseeing outreach effort, our Articulation Officer, and our Outreach Representative serving the Los Angeles area. Welcome to James Onwuachi, Christina Sandoval-Paquette, and Sandra Ponce in their new positions.

I’m also pleased to recognize the efforts that our office made this year in the receipt of electronic transcripts. The Office of Admissions is now able to accept electronic transcripts from nearly all the major third-party vendors, which should make things easier on you and your students. We’ve already seen the positive benefits of this for the fall 2016 new students and my fingers are crossed that it can only get better in the future.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight our outreach efforts these last few months. Our visits to high schools and community colleges in California have increased dramatically, and we have also increased our presence to prospective students from outside of California. We want your students to know the benefits of attending our incredible campus, and many of you have seen and heard me personally extolling virtues of a UCSC degree. Our campus has a lot to offer your students, and I hope that many of your students will be applying to UC Santa Cruz for fall 2017.

Until the next edition of eSlug, I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season!