Community Building: International Mentorship Program

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Ninth installment in a series of articles on community building at UC Santa Cruz. Brought to you by eSlug!

International freshmen at UC Santa Cruz, who may be a long way from home, face a number of challenges beyond the classroom: homesickness, acclimating to a new culture, making friends, living independently for the first time. For these students, UCSC offers a number of services and resources, including the International Mentorship Program.

In the International Mentorship Program, new international students are paired with trained Peer Mentors, who are knowledgeable and experienced UCSC students. In addition to helping new students, the Peer Mentors gain valuable experience and leadership skills. So everyone wins!

The goal of the program is to ease the transition of incoming international freshmen into the UCSC campus community by connecting them to campus resources, engaging them in activities, and offering a support system as they navigate cultural, academic, and social challenges. 

What does the program offer?

  • An "insider's guide" and an instant connection to UCSC for new international students

  • Small "Mentor Family" get togethers, where Mentors and Mentees really get to know one another

  • Monthly community activities such as movie nights, study groups, dinners, and exploring downtown Santa Cruz

  • Larger quarterly events such as our fall Welcome Kick Off Event

  • Day trips to San Francisco and Monterey

  • An opportunity for personal and professional growth

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For further information about the program, see the web site or contact Keri Toma at