Campus Resource: Student Success Division

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What creates a thriving, high achieving university student? The answer to this question is complex and involves many factors – academic, social, and psychological. The new Student Success Division, established at UC Santa Cruz in 2015, aims to nurture successful university students by taking a variety of approaches, based in research and planning, to help our students be the best they possibly can be.

The goals of the Student Success Division are to help all students graduate in a timely manner and thrive academically, to increase student retention, and to eliminate disparities in graduation rates for historically underserved student groups.

The Division is headed by Professor of Linguistics Jaye Padgett, who was appointed Interim Vice Provost, Student Success, with Assistant Vice Provost Pablo Reguerin reporting to him. In addition, the Division is guided by a steering committee who represent all of the campus leadership and all constituencies concerned with student success.

"UC Santa Cruz is already celebrated for its commitment to undergraduate teaching and learning. Creation of a Student Success Division reflects one of the highest campus priorities going forward," said Interim Vice Provost Padgett. "Our mission is to help all students thrive academically. To do this, we recognize that student success is about the whole student - not just their academic preparedness, but their sense of belonging, their health, their family and life context."

While having been in existence for only a year, the Division has been busy with a wide variety of initiatives, including both creating new programs and supporting existing ones. Examples of new initiatives include the Student Success Collaborative Campus and the Student Success Evaluation & Research Center (SSERC). A full list of initiatives is available online.

Did you know…?

  • In 2015, UC Santa Cruz was officially designated a Hispanic Serving Institution, which led to three grants from the U.S. Department of Education to further help our Latina/o students succeed.

  • In 2014, UC Santa Cruz was ranked first in the nation for Hispanic Students by

  • In 2015, CollegeNET ranked UC Santa Cruz 8th in the nation for social mobility.

For further information about the Student Success Division, please see the Division's web site or contact Principal Analyst Gwynn Benner at or 831.502.7793. To make an appointment with Interim Vice Provost Padgett, please contact Executive Assistant Lyndsey Alameda at or 831.459.4230.