Fall 2015 Admissions (March 17, 2015)

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Director of Admissions Michael McCawley. Photo by Jim MacKenzie.

Director of Admissions Michael McCawley. Photo by Jim MacKenzie.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re Irish by birth, by marriage, or because you want to celebrate today, may the joys of today be those of tomorrow!

As many of you already know, we released our admissions decisions for fall 2015 beginning on March 15. All of our frosh admissions decisions were posted on our portal (my.ucsc.edu) beginning at midnight on 3/15, and today we began posting our decisions for junior-level transfer students. We’ll continue to post decisions for transfer students until the end of April.

We were able to offer 23,396 first-year students admission for fall 2015. While that was about 200 more students than last year, we saw our admit rate drop to 51%. Our enrollment goal for fall 2015 is 3,500, about 500 fewer freshmen than we enrolled last year. Given our increased selectivity, it is no wonder that the academic measures of our admitted students increased across the board – mean GPA (3.88 vs. 3.82 last year) and mean scores, including all subscores, on the ACT (27.4 Comp vs. 26.6) and SAT (1828.4 Total vs. 1783.2).

It is always difficult for the applicants who have been denied admission to our campus, and we understand and share in their disappointment. Our Holistic Review selection process ensures that applications are thoroughly read by professionally trained individuals to arrive at the decisions that our faculty expect, all within the context of ensuring we meet, but do not exceed, our enrollment goal. With that in mind, we did offer 7,022 denied frosh an opportunity to be on the UC Santa Cruz waitlist, an action that requires students to accept their waitlist offer no later than April 15, 2015. More information about the UCSC waitlist can be found on our web site, admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/waitlist-student-faq.html.

As is always the case, we do offer denied frosh an opportunity to appeal if they believe we made an error in decision. We have information on our web site for denied first-year students that also addresses submitting an appeal, so please direct your students to that web site, admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/first-year-not-admitted.html (to come). New this year is a secure online process for submitting an appeal. Also within that document you will find the GPA and test score information of the admitted frosh that I previously referenced. The admitted frosh represent a group of academically well-prepared students, and most have earned recognitions and successes outside the classroom too. We congratulate this talented group of freshmen on their admission to UC Santa Cruz!

On the transfer student front, we began posting decisions at midnight today. To date we have extended offers of admission to 1,821 junior-level transfer students, and we will continue to review applications through April 30. Our enrollment goal for transfers is 1,250 students, an increase of 100 over fall 2014 enrolled transfers. This should be good news to your transfer students, and let them know that thousands more offers of admission are yet to come. With over 8,800 transfer applicants, our evaluation of their applications takes longer, but all our decisions will be posted on the portal (my.ucsc.edu) by the end of April.

Just like frosh applicants, we have some transfer students who have been denied admission for fall 2015. The reasons for a transfer student can be many, including the lack of preparation for their intended major. Our goal when selecting transfer students is to ensure they are able to graduate in two years or less, and in many majors, without adequate lower-division courses being completed prior to transfer, that goal would not be realized. Information for our denied transfer students, including information about appealing our decision, can be found at admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/transfer-not-admitted.html (to come). You can also find major-specific screening criteria that we are using for fall 2015 at admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/transfer-students/major-prep.html.

Most of you know that all of our offers of admission – frosh and transfer – are provisional, meaning that certain conditions must be met to retain their offer of admission. All students offered admission to UC Santa Cruz should carefully review their Conditions of Admission Contract, which is available to them within the MyUCSC portal. We want to make sure that admitted students understand what is required of them by our campus, and if they have any questions about those expectations, to have them contact the Office of Admissions. You can find frosh and transfer versions of our standard Conditions of Admission Contract and an FAQ document on the Admissions web site in the following locations:

admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/f15-conditions-frosh-standard.pdf for frosh

admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/f15-conditions-transfer-standard.pdf for transfers

admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/conditions-faq.html for FAQs

I do hope your admitted students consider earning their undergraduate degree at UCSC, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of our founding. You might want to check out 50years.ucsc.edu/?ref=home and see all the happenings that are upcoming, and also enjoy some blasts from our past. For a campus that is only 50 years young, we’ve come a long way, like being recognized by Times Higher Education as first (okay, I should point out we were tied with MIT!) in the world for the impact of our research. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and recognized by their peers around the world for their innovative research and outstanding teaching. Our undergraduate students, both frosh and transfers, can (and do) work side-by-side with these global trailblazers. Before they graduate from UCSC, over 60% of our undergrad students have been involved in original research, and you can check out for yourselves some of these amazing efforts by visiting ugr.ue.ucsc.edu.

A multitude of other opportunities await new students, like being part of student government, student organizations, community service, and innovative programs like the 3+3 program with UC’s Hastings Law School, allowing first-year students to earn their law degree in six years of beginning at UC Santa Cruz. This first-of-its-kind program in the University of California has already garnered great interest from people from around the world, so be sure to check out 3plus3.ucsc.edu/ and let your aspiring lawyers know.

There is truly much to celebrate at this time of year, and my office is celebrating the arrival of two new staff members, Timothy Ford and Christina Sandoval-Paquette. Tim is a regional representative for the San Francisco Bay Area (replacing Gladys Stout) and Christina is an outreach representative with our Transfer Preparation Program (replacing Dejon Weldon). Please welcome them to the UCSC Admissions team when you see them at your schools.

I would also like to recognize every member of the Admissions staff, and everything they do on a daily basis to make a difference for you, your students, and their families. I feel blessed to work with an amazing team of talented individuals, all of whom play critical roles in the admissions process. If I sound like I’m gushing, I am, but I have good reason to do so.

And as for you, none of us could do what we do without your hard work and extraordinary efforts on behalf of your students. “Thank You” never quite seems enough to express the genuine gratitude we have for you, but it is with a heartfelt THANK YOU that I close with on this St. Patrick’s Day!