UCSC on Facebook App for Admitted Students

eSlug Newsletter Spring 2014

For admitted students for fall 2015, UC Santa Cruz will again offer the UCSC on
Facebook App, a closed network space where students can interact, make friends, and
find commonalities – all via their Facebook accounts.
Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Schools on Facebook is a fun, secure environment that students can use to interact with each other. They can join groups based on academic major, clubs that they're interested in, and extracurricular or curricular interests. Or they can form their own groups based on whatever they're interested in at the moment.

The app gives students a chance to make friends and find communities before they arrive on campus in the fall, making them feel more comfortable about moving to the new campus environment.

The app was popular among admitted students last year, with thousands of admitted students signing up. Many participants were international or from out of the state, and the app proved useful in getting them connected with other students before arriving on campus in the fall.

Admitted students have begun receiving invitations, and over 2,400 students have joined the app as of March 23. Please encourage your admitted students to join the fun!

For more information about Schools on Facebook, please see www.uversity.com.