Community Building: STARS Helps Transfer Students Succeed

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Fifth installment in a series of articles on community building at UC Santa Cruz. Brought to you by eSlug!

Time and time again, if you ask a UC Santa Cruz transfer student what they like best about the campus, they will tell you about STARS – Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students.

Located in Kresge College on campus, STARS is both a place where transfer students and other nontraditional students can go for advising and community, and a very active organization that reaches out to provide resources and support for transfer students and re-entry students. They also administer the Smith Renaissance Society for foster youth and wards of the court and the Veterans Education Team Support (VETS) Peer Advising Program.

"The [STARS] staff is even better than the resources," said Tonya Jones, a transfer student from Santa Monica College. "Amy, Claudia, and Sally continuously make themselves available to counsel and advise students, whether it be academic or personal."

Here are just a few of STARS's offerings:

  • Open door academic and personal advising
  • Study and computer centers
  • Academic success workshops and courses
  • Personal tutors, study/support groups, and seminars
  • Special lectures, faculty dinners, and social events
  • Online newsletters
Graduates of UCSC's Kresge College.

Graduates of UCSC's Kresge College.

  • Veterans Education Team Support (VETS) Peer Advising Program
      • Trained, currently-enrolled veterans are available to support new veteran students
      • Includes advising on admissions, financial aid, veterans’ educational benefits, and other issues
      • Priority enrollment
      • Veterans-specific housing option
  • Smith Renaissance Society for former Foster Youth
    • Advising
    • Mentoring
    • Scholarships
    • Leadership Development
    • Priority enrollment
    • Year-round housing options
  • College Odyssey: Making Easier Transitions (COMET)
    • A program that helps newly admitted students learn more about UCSC from current transfer students
    • Current UCSC transfer and re-entry students (who have themselves transferred from a community college) volunteer to meet with newly-admitted students one-on-one (appointments are made individually)
    • Students make contact during spring quarter
    • Familiarize new students with campus, the shuttle system, and take them to classes in their academic area of interest

For more information about STARS, please contact:

Phone: (831) 459-2552

See a short Prezi presentation about STARS made by a student!