First-Year Honors Program Becomes UCSC Scholars Program

eSlug Newsletter Spring 2016

Associate Professor Matt O'Hara, Director of Undergraduate Honors Programs

Associate Professor Matt O'Hara, Director of Undergraduate Honors Programs

Starting in fall 2016, UC Santa Cruz's innovative First-Year Honors Program will be newly expanded to become the UCSC Scholars Program.

Formerly encompassing students' first year only and limited to students affiliated with Cowell and Crown residential colleges, the program will now extend through the winter quarter of the students' second year, and students in Stevenson, Merrill, Kresge, and Porter Colleges will now have access to the program in addition to Cowell and Crown students.

In addition, while the program was formerly by invitation-only before the start of the fall quarter, now an option has been added for students in certain residential colleges to apply for entrance into the program for the spring quarter.

See the UCSC Scholars Program's new web site for further details about the program, which includes exciting and challenging opportunities such as in-depth seminars, service learning, research development, and weekly faculty lectures followed by dinner at one of the Provosts' houses. In addition, students in the Scholars Program will be housed together in their residential college, allowing students to form friendships and intellectual communities based on their common studies.


Fall Start—Invitation Only: Admission to the Fall Start cohort of UCSC Scholars Program is by invitation. A select group of UCSC applicants offered admission to the university will be invited to join the program, based on their record of academic achievement. In 2016-2017, Fall Start Scholars will live at Cowell, Crown, Merrill, or Porter College. Students admitted to UCSC for fall 2016 and who are selected for the program will receive an e-mail invitation. When they accept their offer of admission on, they will be given an option to accept or decline participation in the program.

Spring Start—Fall UCSC Courses: Students at Cowell, Crown, Kresge, Merrill, Porter, and Stevenson Colleges can also apply for the UCSC Scholars Program after the fall of their first year. In this case, students will join the program during the spring research colloquium. Spring Start students will be selected based on applications submitted through their college.

For further information about the program, see the web site or contact Associate Professor Matt O'Hara, Director of Undergraduate Honors Programs.