Spring Events for Admitted Students

eSlug Newsletter Spring 2017

Associate Director of Admissions Outreach Ebony Lewis.

Interim Associate Director of Admissions Elaine Rivas.

Spring Events for Admitted Students

This article contains information about:
Taking UCSC Home
UCSC on Facebook for Admitted Students, Fall 2017
Spring Tours, April 4-6
Spring Spotlight, April 7-15, excluding April 9
Spotlight Mondays, April-May
Student-Initiated Outreach Events, April 13-15

In addition to being an exciting time, this can also be a confusing time for students who have been admitted to multiple colleges and universities. They may be thinking, "Where will I fit in?" "How can I compare the campuses?" "What choices make financial sense for my family and me?"

In order to support students and families in their decision-making process, UC Santa Cruz is pleased to present a number of events this spring designed to introduce newly admitted students to the campus and help get their questions answered.

As you can see, these events include many opportunities for our newly admitted students to connect with current UCSC students, who can give them a student's perspective on our educational environment.

Please note that some of these events, such as Spring Spotlight and our Student-Initiated Outreach events, are open only to admitted students for fall 2017, while others, such as our online events and our Spring Tours, are also open to students who have not yet applied to UCSC.

Thank you for helping your students make the important transition to a four-year university. For further information about any of the programs below, feel free to contact me at ejrivas@ucsc.edu or Assistant Director of Admissions Beatrice Atkinson-Myers at beatrice@ucsc.edu.

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Taking UCSC Home, March 27-31

This year, UCSC Admissions is again presenting its innovative Taking UCSC Home program, in which trained UCSC student volunteers, known as Student Ambassadors, visit their alma mater high schools and community colleges during UCSC's spring break March 27-31 to conduct presentations and connect with admitted and prospective students.

The Student Ambassadors are available as a resource to you and your students and may be able to answer frequently asked questions.

If your school will be visited by a Student Ambassador this year, students in your school who have been admitted for fall 2017 received an e-mail about the program.

This year we have 66 visits planned, serving approximately 1,315 admitted students. Our Student Ambassadors are excited and eager to share their UCSC stories with students!

For more information on the Taking UCSC Home Program, please contact Mark Welden-Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, at 831.254.3297 or mweldens@ucsc.edu.

UCSC on Facebook for Admitted Students, Fall 2017 Schools on Facebook

Thousands of admitted students signed up for UCSC on Facebook last year, and it again received rave reviews! So we are bringing back this special app for our fall 2017 admitted students. Admitted students this spring are being invited to join a closed social media network designed only for them, yet using the power of Facebook to connect, create groups, find commonalities, and converse with each other virtually. 

Students are receiving invitations by e-mail. Participation is completely voluntary – they only sign up if they wish to.

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Spring Tours, April 4-6

Since many schools have spring break during this period, we have expanded our regularly offered tour program on April 4-6 to accommodate additional visitors. During that time period, we will be offering six tours each day in order to meet the anticipated increased demand.

Reservations are required for all family tours and may be made online at admissions.ucsc.edu/campustours. Group tours of students from schools or colleges must be requested in advance online.

Spaces fill quickly, so please encourage students and families to sign up soon.

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Spring Spotlight, April 7-15, excluding April 9

Spring Spotlight 2015, April 3-11

To help our admitted students learn if UC Santa Cruz is the right fit for them, we offer Spring Spotlight, which will be held this year during April 7-15, excluding April 9. For newly admitted students only, Spring Spotlight includes daily student-led walking tours, providing an overview of the academic, residential, and student-life experience at UCSC. Students and their families will be able to see the residential colleges, attend presentations, and visit classrooms.

To focus on transfer-specific needs, we have scheduled sessions for transfer students only on April 14 and 15.

Spring Spotlight offers a rich experience for admitted students, including presentations and question-and-answer sessions designed especially for them, so we highly recommend that admitted students attend Spring Spotlight rather than a regularly scheduled campus tour.

Spring Spotlight is for admitted students only, and access to the reservation site is limited. Students must make reservations online after March 15 using their UCSC Student ID Number. The direct link to the Spring Spotlight site is admissions.ucsc.edu/visit/spring-spotlight/.

Please help us inform your admitted students about Spring Spotlight. And remind them to wear comfortable walking shoes and to dress in layers for our changeable coastal climate!

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Spotlight Mondays, April-May

Spotlight Mondays, April-May

We realize that not all students may have the opportunity or funds to visit colleges in person. For these students and for others, Spotlight Mondays via UnigoLive might be the perfect solution.

This is an opportunity for students – especially those admitted for fall 2017 – to experience the campus virtually from their own computers. Students and their families can learn more about UCSC, connect with staff and students, and have their questions answered through live online discussions.

Please encourage your students to join us, meet our knowledgeable Admissions staff, and find out more about UCSC! You can also take advantage of the video chat hours by streaming them in your career centers, or wherever students may drop by.

More information and registration

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Student-Initiated Outreach Events, April 13-15

One of the most exciting programs for admitted students this spring is the Student-Initiated Outreach events. This year, three student groups -- the African/Black Student Alliance, the Filipino Student Association, and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan (MEChA) -- are reaching out to admitted students by offering overnight programs on campus the weekend of April 13-15. Admitted students received an e-mail in March inviting them to the program.

Destination Higher Education

Destination Higher Education - The African/Black Student Alliance’s (A/BSA) program, Destination Higher Education (DHE), introduces newly admitted students to the Afrikan/Black/Caribbean community and student life on the UC Santa Cruz campus. DHE provides personal, social, and academic workshops that focus on the Black Experience at UC Santa Cruz and are presented by Afrikan/Black/Caribbean students at UC Santa Cruz. In addition, the weekend features workshops and interactive activities focused around community issues as well as current events. Students who are interested in attending, or have any questions about Destination Higher Education, should e-mail ucscdhe@gmail.com. Students should be sure to include their name, telephone number, and address in the e-mail.

Destination Higher Education Schedule of Events

A Step Forward - A Step Forward (ASF) introduces UC Santa Cruz, the Filipino Student Association (FSA) community, and college life to newly admitted students. It focuses on depicting a peer-to-peer perspective of the student experience on this campus, and advocating the pursuit of higher education. The three-day event provides students with a chance to meet fellow admitted students to the university, as well as make connections with current UCSC students. It is also a chance to get important information on transitioning smoothly into the university. Workshops, tours, discussion, and networking opportunities allow participants to discover the importance of higher education, and highlight the communities and resources available to them in FSA and at the UC overall. Students who are interested in attending, or have any questions, should e-mail asf.ucsc@gmail.com. In their e-mail, students should include their name, address, phone number, current school, city, proposed major, and any questions they would like answered while visiting.

A Step Forward Schedule of Events

Oportunidades Rumbo A La Educacion

ORALE - ORALE, which stands for Oportunidades Rumbo A La Educación, is a program presented by Movimiento Estudiantil ChicanX de Aztlan (MEChA) in support of the ChicanX/LatinX community at UC Santa Cruz. ORALE focuses on the ChicanX/LatinX experience at UC Santa Cruz. The program consists of workshops that educate the students about important aspects of college life, such as student resources, financial aid, academic support, etc. Students who are interested in attending, or have any questions about ORALE, should e-mail oralemecha@gmail.com. In their e-mail, students should be sure to include the following information: name, telephone number, address, name of school, and grade level.

ORALE Schedule of Events

Students should apply early, as spaces are limited. Since these events take place concurrently, students may only apply for one space in a Student-Initiated Outreach program. Students who require accommodations for disability, language, or dietary needs, should include that information in their e-mail.

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