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Undergraduate academic program updates for UC Santa Cruz in fall 2015 include a new B.A. in games and playable media, offered by the Art Department, and a new concentration in agroecology and sustainable food systems, offered by the Environmental Studies Department.

The new B.A. program is called art and design: games and playable media. Intended to complement the B.S. program in computer science: computer game design that is already being offered by UCSC's Jack Baskin School of Engineering, the program will focus on the design aspects – rather than the technical aspects – of computer game production. The program covers the design of game systems and other interactive experiences, connecting them to a wider arts context, including a full grounding in the fundamentals of artistic practice and expressive game development.

A highly interdisciplinary program, the new B.A. program is focused on game making, with students in both the B.A. and B.S. degree programs creating games every year, working together from foundation courses to a yearlong capstone sequence that will result in teams of students developing a releasable game.

In addition, UCSC's Environmental Studies Department is making available a new concentration in agroecology and sustainable food systems. The new concentration will take advantage of the important research in sustainability already being performed by UCSC Environmental Studies faculty and will complement the environmental studies program and the minor in sustainability studies, which is offered by UCSC's College Eight.

Students may declare both the games and playable media B.A. and the agroecology and sustainable food systems concentration starting fall 2015.

In addition, two combined major B.A. degree programs have been discontinued, starting fall 2015: Latin American and Latino studies/global economics and Latin American and Latino studies/literature. The Latin American and Latino Studies Department will still be offering the B.A. in Latin American and Latino studies, as well as the combined B.A. programs in Latin American and Latino studies/politics and Latin American and Latino studies/sociology.

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