eSlug Newsletter Summer 2016

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a recent UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a recent UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

Happy summer all! I write this on the first day of Summer Orientation, a day when we welcome hundreds of incoming students and their parents, guardians, or other relatives who participate in our family orientation program. It’s days like this that remind us of the important role that we all play in the journey that is admissions and enrolling as a new undergraduate student.

Fall 2016 begins in about two months, which hardly seems possible. It seems like only yesterday that students were filing out their fall 2016 applications, but the months have flown by. If you advise high school students, they are now high school graduates, and if you advise transfer students, they are moving on to complete their four-year degrees. Summer Orientation brings these students to UC Santa Cruz, with all the celebration and excitement – with a little angst thrown in – in taking one of the last steps to become a UCSC Banana Slug (our world-famous mascot) in fall 2016.

Summer is also a hectic time for a UC Admissions Office. Official transcripts have been flooding in as we’re now past the July 1 UC-systemwide deadline date. We still have some students who owe us a transcript (some may owe us more than one), so be sure to tell them to get it into our office as soon as possible. Students can always see what transcripts (or other official records) we want from them by accessing our secure portal, That portal is available 24/7, so students can always see what is posted to their To Do List.

As official transcripts come in, we review the courses and grades that were listed as “in-progress” or “planned” on their UC application, ensuring that the student met their Conditions of Admission Contract. When our grade expectations are not met, their admission will be cancelled, so you can see why we need to receive those official transcripts in a timely fashion. With over 4,000 frosh and 1,200 transfer students expected to enroll this fall, we pore over thousands of academic records ensuring conditions are met. To remind yourself of our Conditions of Admission Contract expectations, click here for the transfer version and here for the frosh version.

Besides reviewing transcripts, we evaluate all college records for transfer credit, including satisfaction of UCSC General Education requirements. This process is called “clearing,” meaning we are clearing the student’s admission; in other words, certifying they have met all conditions of their admission and can move forward in being a UCSC student. This is painstaking work, done by our talented team of admissions officers. Once transfer credit has been finalized, that too is visible for students in the MyUCSC portal.

Many of our Admissions team are also preparing for the fall outreach season, which begins in earnest after Labor Day. We will be visiting high schools and community colleges, attending college nights and other events aimed at prospective UC students, and you may even see yours truly at some of these events! We know that thousands of prospective students are focused on their chances for fall 2017 admissions/enrollment, and maybe next year at this time they’ll be preparing to attend Summer Orientation and/or take UCSC courses over the summer so they can get a jump on their UCSC academic career. Remind those students that the fall 2017 application opens on August 1, with the filing period remaining November 1-30.

To the many transfer counselors who are reading this, I would also remind you that UCSC is accepting applications from junior-level transfer students for winter 2017, something we haven’t done in years. July is the month for students to file their applications, and we are closed in certain majors, but this may be helpful to your transfer-ready students who don’t want to wait until fall 2017 to start their UCSC career.

Susan and Barbara

Recently retired UCSC Admissions staff members Admissions Assistant Susan Ortiz (left) and Assistant Director/Articulation Officer Barbara Love (right).

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize two long-time staff members who decided to call it a career last month. We said a tearful goodbye to Susan Ortiz (26 years in the Office of the Admissions) and Barbara Love (38 years with Admissions, Transfer Preparation Program, and the Educational Partnership Center). These two amazing professionals set a standard for the quality of their work and a work ethic that was second to none. Thousands of students benefitted from the work of Barbara and Susan, so to each of them we say a huge THANK YOU, and kudos to a career well done!

My best to all of you too, and I hope you find time this summer to do something that brings you joy and happiness – we need more of that in the world today!!