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Seventh installment in a series of articles on campus resources at UC Santa Cruz. Brought to you by eSlug!

The UC Santa Cruz Police Department is composed of duly sworn police officers under section 830.2(b) of the California Penal Code. The officers, who have the same authority under the law as municipal police officers, patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They enforce the law, arrest violators, investigate and suppress crime, investigate traffic and bicycle accidents, and provide a full range of services to the community.

In keeping with the Banana Slug values of community as well as innovation, the UCSC Police Department is as friendly and inclusive as it is protective and tough on crime. The department actively engages in a Community Oriented Policing strategy, reaching out to the UCSC community and getting everyone involved with public and residential safety issues.

Police Chief Nader Oweis says in his message to the community, "We are continually seeking opportunities, and exploring new programs and projects to engage in open and frank dialogue to improve our operations so that we may maintain a safe working and educational environment, while becoming a better resource to the community."

Following are just a few examples of ways in which the UCSC Police Department engages with the community:

  • Citizen Police Academy

  • Student Ambassador program

  • Student internships

  • Crime prevention education

  • Night safety escort program

  • Revamped web site

  • Citizen feedback system (commendations and complaints) for officers

  • Campus-wide community crime bulletins by e-mail

  • Community forums

  • Outreach events

UCSC Police Chief Nader Oweiss

UCSC Police Chief Nader Oweiss

The UCSC Police Department is very interested in communicating with prospective students and their families and regularly participates in outreach and orientation events. If you or your students happen to be at one of those events, stop by the Police Department booth and say hello!

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