Academic Program Updates for Fall 2017

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Undergraduate academic program updates for UC Santa Cruz in fall 2017 include a new B.A. major in applied linguistics and multilingualism, plus the consolidation of bioeducation and physics education into a single B.S. major. 

Administered by the Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, the new applied linguistics and multilingualism major is grounded in interdisciplinary studies. Students explore a variety of intriguing topics, such as: How do we learn a second language? Are there “better” ways of teaching languages? Who is a bilingual? How is language related to complex social structure and diverse social identities? What is the role of language in intercultural communication in the globalizing world?

Students who graduate from the major will be well prepared for a variety of careers including, but not limited to: language education, speech pathology, translation/interpretation, international relations, and public service.  

Starting in fall 2017, the Physics Department will be offering a new B.S. in science education. This program will provide students with broad training in the physical and biological sciences in order to prepare them for careers teaching science in California high schools.

The program is designed to consolidate several existing science education programs at UCSC. Accordingly, the physics education B.S. (offered by the Physics Department) and bioeducation concentration (offered by the Biological Sciences Department) have been discontinued. Students currently enrolled in physics education will be able to complete their degree in the subject. In addition, the science education concentration under the Earth sciences major will be discontinued.

To further update our offerings, the theoretical linguistics concentration under the linguistics major will be discontinued, as will the assistive technology: cognitive/perceptual concentration under the bioengineering major.

Among UCSC's graduate offerings, a new M.F.A. in social documentation will replace the current social documentation M.A., new M.S. and Ph.D. programs in computational media will be offered, and the anthropology Ph.D. concentration of physical anthropology will be changed to biological anthropology.

UC Santa Cruz faculty have also been active in developing and launching fully online courses. This summer, faculty will offer 20 different courses online, allowing students to enroll from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. In the past year, the campus increased its offering of free online courses on Coursera from two to six, adding new courses on statistics, programming in C++, and the natural acquisition of literacy.