eSlug Newsletter Winter 2015

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a recent UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

Michael McCawley (right) talks with a family at a recent UCSC Admissions event. Photo by Dani Milner.

I realize that it is already mid-February and so my wishes for a “Happy New Year” might seem a little stale, but I am sincere in hoping that your 2015 has gotten off to a wonderful start. At UC Santa Cruz, the year began with great fanfare as we officially begin celebrating the 50th anniversary of our founding back in 1965. The campus has much to celebrate in the last five decades, not the least of which is another record-setting number of applications for fall 2015 admission.

The Admissions staff have been hunkered down for the last couple of months reviewing applications from both frosh and transfer applicants. We saw nearly a 12% increase in frosh applications (45,534 for fall 2015 vs. 40,687 for fall 2014) over last year and a 7.8% increase in transfer applications (8,799 for fall 2015 vs. 8,162 for fall 2014). That means that for the first time in the campus’s history, we have received over 50,000 applications – what a way to begin the 50th anniversary celebration!

The frosh application number represents increased interest from California students (a 10% increase), students from other states (a 17.9% increase), and students from other countries (a 26.1% increase). The percentage increases were among the highest in the UC system. With our transfer applications, nearly 600 more students from California community colleges showed interest in our campus. All these increases represent a lot of hard work and effort by our staff, faculty, students, and alums, but I also recognize that you are a part of our success as well, and for that I thank you. More information about fall 2015 numbers can be found in our media release and the UC Office of the President web site.

With a little under a month left before we’ll be releasing our frosh decisions (March 15) and begin releasing our transfer applicant decisions (beginning March 17 through April 30), it’s an excellent time to remind your students about what they can be doing during this anxious time.

  1. For frosh, don’t succumb to “senioritis!” Continue to do well in your senior year courses. If you’ve dropped or changed classes from those you indicated on your application, notify us at If you’ve already received grades of D or F (or the equivalent) in your senior year courses, also contact us immediately.
  2. For transfers, you too need to continue to do well in your coursework and also need to update us on your course schedule. Complete the Application Update online form that became available in January to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on your coursework and academic performance.
  3. For both transfers and frosh, be sure they can access our portal, The portal is where they will learn their admissions decision, access their financial aid information, and conduct other important university business. The portal also allows them to update their contact information, including their e-mail address, so they don’t miss vital messages from our campus.

While I know you may have already shared similar suggestions with your students, it is always remarkable the number of students who say, “Nobody ever told me I needed to do that.” Our united goal is to help students help themselves, and they do need to play an active role in that.

We’ll be producing another eSlug in March to share with you timely information about our admission decisions, but in advance of that, I can share that we’ll be more selective for both frosh and transfer students. Our enrollment goals for fall 2015 are still being worked out, but we know we’ll be enrolling hundreds fewer than we did for fall 2014. At the transfer level, we’ll most likely see a small increase in enrollment, but we have added additional majors for which lower-division, major-prep courses must be completed prior to joining the campus. All of our information about selection can be found on the Admissions web site,

And speaking of web sites, don’t miss the UCSC 50th Anniversary web site that celebrates our humble beginnings to our modern-day, internationally renowned campus. We’ve packed a lot into our first 50 years, and in true UC fashion, we’ll be celebrating those accomplishments for an entire year -- stay tuned for the next 50 years!