UCSC Summer Session Welcomes High School Students at 50% off!

eSlug Newsletter Winter 2016

By Monica Parikh, Summer Session Director
Summer Session images by Camille Torres

High school counselors, if you have rock stars finishing their sophomore or junior years, they can get started on their college degree requirements in Summer Session on the beautiful UCSC campus – for 50% off tuition!

Summer Session has open enrollment, meaning visiting students are welcome to attend without an application/admissions process. Then they can enroll in a huge variety of courses – math, literature, economics, computer programming, arts, bio/chem/physics, psych/sociology, environmental studies, history, theater … and much more. We encourage high schoolers to enroll in those numbered 1-99 (called "lower division").

Students ready to set out towards college graduation should know UCSC classes transfer easily, anywhere. They can work with their counselors to learn what they need (including high school requirements!). If they are interested in another UC, the transfer of units, degree requirements, and grades is a breeze between UCs.

Most classes are 5 units (or credits) and meet for 5 weeks.

Session 1: June 20 – July 22
Session 2: July 25 – August 26

A 5-unit class at $273 per unit costs $1365. 50% off is $683, or $1365 for two!

There is no higher rate for out-of-state students in summertime – all eligible high schoolers pay $683 (plus the Campus Fee for unlimited use of buses, fitness center, pool and courts, libraries, computer labs, etc.).  

Summer students can commute or easily live on-campus. Or stay home and take on online course.

 Student at Quarry

It’s not summer camp – they are University of California students with full use of the whole campus, all summer.

Their next steps:

  • Start looking through our courses and syllabi to find best fits
  • Work with counselors to know which courses are needed
  • Register starting April 1
  • We’ll set up and activate accounts
  • Enroll in courses starting May 1
  • Get ready! Come visit campus, get text books, register for housing, get parking passes...

Check back for updates and info over the next few months.

Contact us anytime if you have questions or would like flyers mailed to your school. If you’re regional, we’d love to come visit your students!

(831) 459-5373
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