UCSC Summer Session Welcomes High School Students at 50% off!

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High school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year with a GPA of 3.0+ can enroll in UCSC Summer Session – for 50% off tuition!

That’s right – HALF PRICE UC credits - exclusively for high school students

Students can choose from over 100 different classes across 30 departments including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Music, and online classes. High school students can enroll in any lower-division courses (those numbered 1 through 99) or higher-level courses with approval.

Our Summer Session program is a true college experience with UCSC faculty where high schoolers take classes side by side with current undergraduates.

Emily, a past UCSC Summer Session student. Photo courtesy of UCSC Summer Session.

Emily, a past UCSC Summer Session student. Photo courtesy of UCSC Summer Session.

Popular classes include Computer Science (CMPS 5J, 10, 12B), Calculus (Math 19A, 19B), History (HIS 10A, 10B), Economics (ECON 1, 2), Psychology (PSYC 1), Literature (LIT 1, 61) and Intro to Acting (THEA 20). Credits earned over summer are easily transferrable to other institutions, including any University of California campus, or they can satisfy high school requirements.

Last year, 82% of high school students taking courses earned a B - or above. Their average summer UCSC GPA was 3.34!

Most classes are 5 credits and meet for 5 weeks.

Session 1: June 26 – July 28
Session 2: July 31 – September 1

Half-off UCSC tuition for a 5-credit class comes to $683, plus a campus fee for unlimited use of buses, fitness center, pool, libraries, computer labs, etc. Summer students can commute or easily live on campus at a discounted rate.

What are students’ next steps?

  • Explore our courses and syllabi to find best fits

  • Work with counselors to select courses

  • Register starting April 1

  • Submit your verification form

  • Summer Session will set up and activate ‘UCSC student accounts’

  • Enroll in courses starting May 1

  • Get ready! Come visit campus, get your student ID, buy textbooks, register for housing, get parking passes, learn the libraries, and plan to make the most of the summer when YOU are a UCSC student!

Contact us any time if you have questions or would like flyers mailed to your school. You can also print material from our counselor resource page.


If you’re located in the Santa Cruz region, we’d love to come visit your students!

(831) 459-5373