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Photo of Stevenson College students by Alison Tassio.

Congratulations to admitted frosh for fall 2019! (frosh admissions decisions release: mid-February through March 15, 2019)

Along with the celebration of admission comes the increased responsibility that is part of becoming a university student. During this transition time, students should keep in mind the following:

To help you advise your students, here is a PDF of the Conditions of Admission Contract for frosh.

Fall 2019 Frosh Conditions of Admission Contract

Admitted students must review and agree to their Conditions of Admission Contract as posted in the MyUCSC portal.

Conditions of Admission FAQs for Admitted Students

Students with questions are encouraged to contact an admissions representative, as shown on our contact page. They may also contact Undergraduate Admissions or call (831) 459-4008.

Information for First-Year Students Not Offered Admission to UCSC for Fall 2019 (coming soon)

Welcome, high school counselors and advisors! We hope that this page serves as a useful tool to help you guide your students through the admissions process so that they can become successful freshmen at UC Santa Cruz.

Admission Guide for California First-Year Students 2019-20 [PDF]
Admission Guide for International First-Year Students 2019-20 [PDF]
Admission Guide for U.S. First-Year Students (Outside California) 2019-20 [PDF]

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