About UC Santa Cruz

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz, a collegiate university with a national reputation for excellence.

UC Santa Cruz is known for its strong academic programs and innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to research and scholarship, all in a spectacular natural setting of towering redwoods and serene views of the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful campus attracts some of the best professors and researchers in the country, who work together to create new knowledge in science, engineering, social science, humanities, and art. Your student can be part of this exciting process!

The UC Santa Cruz Grading System

Until 2001, UC Santa Cruz used a grading system known as the Narrative Evaluation System, which focused on narrative descriptions written by the professors. However, today all undergraduates are graded on a traditional A-F (4.0) scale. Students may elect a pass/no pass option for no more than 25 percent of their coursework, and several majors further limit the use of pass/no pass grading.

Our Policy on Student Records and Privacy

UC Santa Cruz follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to protect student privacy. To view the latest policy information on privacy of student data, please go to Privacy of Student Records.

Life After UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz alumni enjoy a variety of successful careers after graduation and are well prepared for entry into graduate school or professional school.

The UC Santa Cruz Career Center is an important resource for students throughout their college career and afterward. Through the Career Center, students have access to a career resource library, graduate school information, on-campus corporate recruiting events, workshops and special events, and information about part-time jobs, internships, and career positions after graduation. The Career Center also coordinates the Career Advice Network (CAN), a network of UC Santa Cruz alumni and non-alumni professionals from a variety of fields who are available to provide career insights and information. In addition, the Career Center’s page of Resources for Parents might be of interest.

More Information

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