Preparing to Transfer

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Preparing for your major

It is expected that junior-level transfer students will complete as many of the lower-division courses as possible for their chosen major prior to transferring to UC Santa Cruz. This is particularly important if your major requires preparatory courses in mathematics and the sciences. Strong preparation will ease your transition to the university, shorten your time to degree, and leave more flexibility in your schedule to explore additional academic interests. Information regarding the required courses for each major can be found in the UC Santa Cruz General Catalog and ASSIST.

Most transfer students are admitted to the campus as proposed majors (as listed on the UC application). We strongly advise junior-level transfer students to research the requirements for their intended major in the UC Santa Cruz General Catalog, on ASSIST, or on the UCSC academic department's website. Many majors require specific coursework and/or GPA levels for acceptance (see Major Preparation Screening Criteria). Junior transfers are required to formally declare their major no later than their second quarter of attendance.

Art screens for major preparation and requires portfolio review. All majors in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering screen for major preparation, as do majors in the Biological Sciences (including Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology (see Major Preparation Screening Criteria).

All other majors: During the declaration of major process, which occurs once you are already enrolled at UC Santa Cruz, other departments may screen for admission to their majors using criteria well beyond minimum admission requirements. For further information, please consult, the UC Santa Cruz General Catalog, and the appropriate UCSC academic department website.


Comprehensive articulation information, including transferable course agreements (TCAs) for all California community colleges, is available on the ASSIST website.