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UC Santa Cruz students are the drivers and owners of their experiences and success on our campus, but they aren’t alone. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to serving, guiding, advising and supporting students at every step along their journey.
19 Aug 2021
UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Admissions has recently revamped its website, moving to a new platform and a whole new look. Some page locations have changed. We recommend accessing the Main Navigation menu at the upper right to locate content that hasn
27 Aug 2021
All FAQs provided on this website relate to an admitted student’s Conditions of Admission Contract. We are providing these FAQs to help students, family members, counselors, and others better understand each of the individual conditions outlined in
7 Sep 2021
In this week-long series, we opened the doors to our classrooms and laboratories (virtually), and shared just what it means to study as a Banana Slug on our campus! Our professors, students, and staff members brought some examples of our innovative,
10 Sep 2021