View Our New Virtual Tour!

eSlug Newsletter Fall 2014

To help students and families who may not be able to visit our campus due to distance or finances, UC Santa Cruz has launched a new, online Virtual Tour, available as a web site or a smart phone app.

Screenshot showing Virtual Tour

The tour includes a step-by-step virtual tour of the campus that you can control by clicking your mouse (or touching the screen on your phone), and along the way, you can view videos and many photographs, including 32 beautiful, interactive panoramic photos that you can examine by 360-degree rotation.

The English version of the tour audio is narrated by our own student tour guides, with a written text option, and audio and written translations are also available in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.

UCSC Virtual Tour web version:

iPhone version: 

Android version:

We're excited to provide this additional way for students, families, and counselors to experience our gorgeous campus!

For further information on our Virtual Tour, please contact the UCSC Campus Tours Office at