They're Growing up, But They Still Need You

Enrolling at a university -- and perhaps leaving home in the process -- is a big step on your student’s path to adulthood. Their new journey will open an exciting array of new discoveries, ideas, and people, accompanied by new responsibilities and choices to make. Throughout the process, you will be an important source of support for your student. In some ways, they may need you now more than ever.


Is Your Student a Good Fit with UC Santa Cruz?

Are you or your student wondering if UC Santa Cruz is a good fit for them? We recommend looking at our Why UCSC? Page. Use this page to understand our campus’s unique offerings, learn how a UCSC education leads to career and graduate school opportunities, and meet some of the campus communities from the place your student will call home for the next few years. If you or your student wish to contact us directly, please go to our Contact Us page.


The UCSC Grading System

Until 2001, UC Santa Cruz used a grading system known as the Narrative Evaluation System, which focused on narrative descriptions written by the professors. However, today all undergraduates are graded on a traditional A-F (4.0) scale. Students may elect a pass/no pass option for no more than 25 percent of their coursework, and several majors further limit the use of pass/no pass grading. More information on grading at UC Santa Cruz.

Health & Safety

Your student’s well-being is our top priority. Find out more about campus programs concerning health and safety, fire safety, and crime prevention. UC Santa Cruz publishes an Annual Security & Fire Safety Report, based on the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Safety and Campus Crime Statistics Act (commonly referred to as the Clery Act). The report contains detailed information on the campus’s crime and fire prevention programs, as well as campus crime and fire statistics for the past three years. A paper version of the report is available upon request.


Student Records & Privacy Policy

UC Santa Cruz follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to protect student privacy. To view the latest policy information on privacy of student data, go to Privacy of Student Records.

Life After UC Santa Cruz

A UC Santa Cruz degree is an excellent springboard for your student’s future career or further study in graduate or professional school. To help your student on their career journey, our division of Career Success offers a number of services, including internship and job placement, job fairs, graduate school preparation, resume and job hunting workshops, and more.

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