Thank You for All You Do

We would like to express our appreciation to you for all you do to help our future students. Feel free to contact us any time if you need more information, or if there is something you’d like to see added to this page.

High School Counselor Webinar

Looking for some basic information? Wanted to attend our High School Counselor Webinar in spring of 2022 but didn’t get the chance? Feel free to view the recording!



Share UC Santa Cruz with Your Students

Do you know a student who you feel would be a good fit for UCSC? Or are there students who come to you wanting to know more about our campus? Feel free to share our reasons to say “Yes” to UC Santa Cruz! If your students wish to contact us directly, feel free to share with them the information on our Contact Us page.


UC Santa Cruz Statistics

Frequently requested statistics about enrollment, ethnicities, GPAs of admitted students, and more.

Students walking outside.

Dates & Deadlines

Important dates and deadlines in the admissions process, for both applicants and admitted students.

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Health & Safety

Our students’ well being is our top priority, especially in these uncertain times. Find out more about what the campus is doing about COVID-19, as well as everyday concerns about fire safety, police, and nighttime campus safety.


UCSC Catalog

The UCSC General Catalog, published every year in July, is the official source for information on majors, courses, graduation requirements, and policies. It is only available online.

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UC Counselor Conferences

Every year in early September, the University of California hosts a High School Counselor Conference open to all those who work with first-year applicants. The low-priced conference is an excellent training and networking opportunity to help you keep up with the changes in UC Admissions and to further develop your career.