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Transfer Peer Mentors

As a first gen and transfer student, I know it can be difficult and scary to transition from a community college to a university. I want to support transfer students in feeling comfortable transferring to UCSC and letting them know that they are not alone in this process.”
- Angie A., Transfer Peer Mentor


First Generation Students

“Being a first-generation student gives me a sense of pride that money can’t buy; knowing that I’ll be the first one in my family that will be able to relate to my little/future cousins makes me feel proud of myself and my parents for teaching me to enjoy educating myself.”
- Julian Alexander Narvaez, First Generation Student


Scholarship Recipients

“Beyond aesthetics and reputation, after browsing UCSC’s resources I knew this was a campus where I would always feel supported. I found an array of student opportunities before arriving on campus that jump started what would come to be four years of life-changing professional and personal experiences.”
- Rojina Bozorgnia, Social Sciences Scholarship Recipient


Transfer Excellence Leaders

“All the professors and faculty that I have met have been nothing but kind and helpful. They are so dedicated to make sure that they are able to create a safe space for all of their students to learn, and I appreciate all of their hard work.”
- Noorain Bryan-Syed, Transfer Excellence Leader


Study Abroad

“It’s such a transformational experience that everyone, if they have the opportunity to, should try to take full advantage of, whether they’ve seen somebody like them go through it or not, because it’s a life-changing experience that you just will not regret.”
- Tolulope Familoni, studied abroad in Paris, France


Baskin Engineering Students

Growing up in the Bay Area and having friends who went to UCSC for engineering, I’ve heard great things about the programs Baskin Engineering offers for computer science and how well the school prepares you for industry. Since it’s a school close to Silicon Valley, I can learn from the best and still be close to the tech capital of the world.
- Sam Trujillo, transfer student studying computer science

Baskin Ambassador

Recent Alumni

“I interned at the Smithsonian. THE SMITHSONIAN. If I had told the child me I had this experience waiting for me, I would’ve passed out on the spot. In all seriousness, I mark that experience as the beginning of my career.”
- Maxwell Ward, recent graduate, Ph.D. candidate, and an editor at Collective Research in Anthropology Journal