An Environment for Thriving

We pride ourselves on making our campus a supportive, safe place for you to learn, grow, and thrive. From our on-campus Student Health Center to our counseling services, from police and fire services to our CruzAlert emergency messaging system, our students’ well being is at the heart of our on-campus infrastructure.

We also have a zero tolerance for any form of hate or bias. We have a reporting structure in place to report hate or bias, and a Hate/Bias Response Team. And yes, we believe that hate and bias are a campus safety issue.

COVID-19 Updates & Impacts

Our Student Health Center offers COVID vaccines, testing, and information. All members of our campus community will be required to be fully vaccinated as of fall 2021.

nurses administering a shot to a student

Emotional Support & Resources

Campus Safety

UC Santa Cruz has an on-campus department of sworn police officers who are dedicated to protecting the safety of the campus community. The department is committed to diversity and inclusion, and its members reach out to the community in various ways, including a Student Ambassador program.

The campus has a Campus Fire Station with a Type 1 fire engine and a Type 3 wildland fire engine. The Fire Prevention Division of the Office of Emergency Services makes it a priority to educate campus staff, faculty, and students to reduce fires and injuries on campus and routinely gives presentations to campus members.

To ensure safety in the residential colleges and the entire campus at night, we have a Community Safety Program. Community Safety Officers (CSOs) are a very visible part of our campus from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. every night, and are available to help you with any emergency needs, from lockouts to medical issues. They also provide security for university events. CSOs are trained in emergency response, first aid, CPR, and disaster response, and they carry radios linked to University Police Dispatch.


60+ phones located throughout campus, connecting callers directly to the Dispatch Center to notify police or fire personnel to respond as appropriate.

CruzAlert is our emergency notification system, which is used to quickly communicate information to you during emergency situations. Register for the service to receive texts, cell phone calls, and/or emails in the event of a campus emergency.