Information for First-Year Students Not Offered Admission (March 15, 2021)

UC Santa Cruz's Selection Process
Frequently Asked Questions About the Admissions Process
Options for Freshmen Who Were Not Offered Admission
Appeal Information 

UC Santa Cruz's Selection Process

Admission offers were made to students based on a comprehensive evaluation of their application, as set forth by the UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools, and our campus Academic Senate Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (CAFA). Final freshman admission numbers will be available in mid-June. Applicants are being selected following an extensive review process that evaluates the applicants' academic achievement, accomplishments, and other information in their undergraduate application. Applications are reviewed for UC qualifications, completion of required college preparatory coursework ('a-g' pattern of courses), and demonstrated academic and non-academic achievements.  For a list of the 13 faculty-approved criteria, please see the Office of the President's Comprehensive Review page.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Admissions Process

Were UC-qualified students denied admission?

How are you making your admissions decisions?

Did you admit any out-of-state or international students?

Does UCSC have a waitlist?

If I was not selected for admission, may I appeal the decision?

Options for Applicants Not Offered Admission

Applicants who have not been offered admission at UC Santa Cruz may wish to consider the following options:

1. All UC campuses offer a quality education. If you applied to another UC campus and have been offered admission, we strongly encourage you to consider this offer. Many of our applicants also have admission offers at a number of other excellent public and private colleges and universities and could consider those offers.

2. UC Santa Cruz is committed to assisting students in transferring from a California Community College. At the transfer level, we give the highest priority for admission to junior-level California community college students who present a well-planned course of study, including coursework for their intended major and a competitive grade point average. If you decide to enroll at a California community college, we urge you to contact the Transfer Center or Counseling Department at that college for assistance in planning a course of study that will lead to successful transfer.  To determine your eligibility and get more information about the UC Santa Cruz transfer admission guarantee program , go here . 

Appeal Information - Fall 2021

Although few (if any) appeals will likely be granted due to enrollment constraints, students who choose to appeal should follow the procedure listed on the UCSC Admissions Appeal Information page.