Admission FAQs for Parents and Guardians of Applicants

How does my student know if they have been admitted?

Your student can log in to their student portal at All applicants were provided a CruzID and CruzID Gold Password via email. After logging in to the portal, your student should go to “Application Status” and click on “View Status.”

If admitted, how does my student accept the offer of admission?

In their student portal,, your student should click on the link “Now that I’m Admitted, What’s Next?” From there, your student will be directed to the multi-step online process for accepting the offer of admission. To view the steps in the acceptance process, go to:
» MyUCSC Guide.

What is the deadline for accepting the offer of admission?

The firm deadline for accepting the offer of admission is 11:59:59 p.m. on May 1 for freshmen and June 1 for transfer students. Please encourage your student to accept the offer as soon as they have all the required information, and well before the deadline. Please note that the deadline for accepting the offer of admission will not be extended under any circumstances.

What happens after my student accepts?

Once your student has accepted the offer of admission, please encourage them to continue checking the portal regularly for important information from the campus, including any “To Do” items that may be listed. Meeting the conditions of admission contract, as well as any financial aid and housing deadlines, is critical and ensures your student’s continued status as an admitted student to the campus. Important dates and deadlines.

Does UCSC offer orientation programs?

Yes! Our mandatory orientation program, Slug Orientation, consists of completing a series of online courses (during June, July, and August) and full participation in Fall Welcome Week.

What is the Conditions of Admission Contract?

Every admitted student, whether they are a freshman or a transfer student, is responsible for meeting their Conditions of Admission Contract. The Conditions of Admission Contract is always clearly articulated to admitted students in the MyUCSC portal and is available in the admissions booklet that was mailed to them.

Fall 2021 Frosh Standard Conditions of Admission Contract

Fall 2021 Transfer Standard Conditions of Admission Contract

Admitted students must review and agree to their Conditions of Admission Contract as posted in the MyUCSC portal.

Conditions of Admission FAQs for Admitted Students

If my student does receive a grade below a C or their overall academic performance drops, what happens?

Not meeting the conditions of admission will result in the withdrawal of an admission offer. In this case, please encourage your student to immediately notify Undergraduate Admissions by using this form for first-year students, or this form for transfer students. Communications should indicate all current grades received and the reason(s) for any drop in academic performance.

If I want to speak with someone about my student’s admission, whom can I call?

Information about an applicant’s admission is considered confidential (see the California Information Practices Act of 1977), so although we can speak in general terms with you about our admission policies, we cannot provide specific details about an application or an applicant’s status. If your student wishes to include you in a conversation or meeting with an Admissions representative, we are happy to speak with you at that time.

What if my student didn’t complete the required exams?

Admitted students should reference their conditions of admission contract and their “To Do” list in the student portal for any tests that may still be required of them. 

What if my student was not offered admission?

For this information, please see the following pages:

Information for First-Year Students Not Offered Admission

Information for Transfer Students Not Offered Admission

What if my student was not offered admission, but was offered the chance to be on the waitlist?

In order to more effectively manage enrollments, UCSC is implementing a waitlist. Your student will not automatically be put on the waitlist, but will have to opt in. Also, being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of receiving an offer of admission at a later date.

Freshman Waitlist FAQs
Freshman Waitlist Step-by-Step

Transfer Waitlist FAQs
Transfer Waitlist Step-by-Step

What opportunities are available to help us learn more about UC Santa Cruz?

UC Santa Cruz has launched an admitted student website with more information about the campus, student stories, and helpful lists of important dates and deadlines. You're welcome to browse the site yourself too.

Please see our Virtual Events page, which features a wide variety of virtual events taking place this spring, including LIVE Ask Me Anything sessions, and LIVE Virtual Tours. A full calendar is available on that page.

You may also view our recorded Virtual Tour (available in five languages) online at any time.

What should I do next?

Know that you can and are helping your student by just being informed about UC Santa Cruz and the admission process. If admitted, encourage your student to check the portal regularly for updates and messages from the campus and to meet their conditions of admission and all required campus deadlines. If not admitted, encourage your student to seek alternative educational opportunities and to use the information provided on our website to learn about future options for enrollment at UC Santa Cruz. Thank you!