Area of Focus
  • Engineering & Technology
Degrees Offered
  • B.S.
  • Undergraduate Minor
Academic Division
  • Jack Baskin School of Engineering
  • Jack Baskin School of Engineering

Program overview

Technology and information management (TIM) is a multidisciplinary major that focuses on the fusion of information systems, technology, and business management for two purposes: the design and use of information systems and technology to solve business problems; and the management of technology, which includes product development, product management, and supply chain management. TIM is a rigorous, challenging engineering major for those students wanting to pursue careers in information systems management and the management of technology. To accomplish these objectives, students will learn the mathematics, science, and technical fundamentals of computer science and engineering, as well as how to address and solve problems in information systems and technology management through economics, business, information systems, and management of technology courses.

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Learning Experience

Study and Research Opportunities
  • B.S., Minor
  • Intended for students who have an interest in both business and technology, especially high-technology (information technology, computer engineering, network engineering, software)

First-Year (Freshman) Requirements

Freshman Applicants: It is recommended that high school students intending to apply to the BSOE have completed four years of mathematics (through advanced algebra and trigonometry) and three years of science in high school, including one year each of chemistry, physics, and biology. Comparable college mathematics and science courses completed at other institutions may be accepted in place of high school preparation. Students without this preparation may be required to take additional courses to prepare themselves for the program.

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Transfer Requirements

  1. By the end of the fall term in which you are applying, you must have completed at least four (4) of the lower-division course requirements below.
  2. By the end of your last spring term in community college, you must complete an additional two (2) lower-division course requirements below.
  3. All lower-division requirements must be completed with a minimum 2.4 GPA.
  4. All lower-division requirements completed will be counted toward the GPA.
  • CSE 12
  • CSE 13S
  • CSE 16
  • CSE 30
  • TIM 50
  • ECON 1
  • ECON 2
  • ECON 10A
  • MATH 19A
  • MATH 19B
  • MATH 22 or MATH 23A or AM 30
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Internships and Career Opportunities

  • Systems analysis and design
  • Applications development
  • Systems architecture development
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • Systems integration
  • Product and technology management
  • Product and technology development
  • Supply chain management
  • Business process engineering
  • Business analysis
  • Information systems management
  • Information systems project management
  • Information technology sales/marketing
  • Information technology technical support

These are only samples of the field’s many possibilities.

Many students find internships to be a valuable part of their academic experience. They work closely with faculty and career advisers in the UC Santa Cruz Career Center to identify existing opportunities and to create their own internships with local companies or in nearby Silicon Valley. For more information about internships, visit



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