Student Life

Q: What student clubs and organizations are active at Santa Cruz?

A: For this information, please go to our Student-Led Clubs and Organizations page.

Q: What kinds of arts and entertainment does the campus offer?

A: Two art galleries, the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery and the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, show works by students, faculty, and outside artists.

The Music Center includes a 396-seat Recital Hall with recording facilities, specially equipped classrooms, individual practice and teaching studios, rehearsal space for ensembles, a gamelan studio, and studios for electronic and computer music.

The Theater Arts Center includes theaters and acting and directing studios.

For fine arts students, the Elena Baskin Visual Arts Center provides modern, well-lit, spacious studios.

The Digital Arts Research Center -- "the DARC" -- is a 25,000-square-foot building overlooking the Monterey Bay. It is the home of the MFA Program in Digital Arts and New Media, and parts of the departments of Art and Music.

In addition, UC Santa Cruz sponsors many student instrumental and vocal groups, including its own student orchestra.

For further information, please see the following links:

Q: What kinds of arts and entertainment does the city of Santa Cruz offer?

A: There is always something happening in Santa Cruz in the arts, from street fairs, to world music festivals, to avant-garde theater. For a complete list of events and activities, search the Visit Santa Cruz Events Calendar.

Q: How safe is the campus?

A: Because the campus is the size of a small town--providing housing to faculty and over 7,000 students--the UCSC Police Department supports a proactive crime prevention program that works closely with members of the community to make the campus a safe place to work, live, and learn.

UC Santa Cruz maintains its own police force and a night proctor is on duty at each college to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Officers assigned to the Crime Prevention Program give presentations on topics such as personal safety and vehicle and residential security. Brochures and workshops are also available.

CruzAlert is UC Santa Cruz's emergency notification system, which is intended to provide critical information rapidly to UCSC students, faculty, and staff during an emergency on campus. In the event of an emergency, CruzAlert delivers important messages to campus websites via RSS feed, to cell phones via text messages, and to landline phones via voice messages.

The Campus Police Department oversees a website with detailed crime statistics and other information.

For further information on health and safety issues, please go to our Health and Safety page.

Q: What is the ethnic breakdown of the campus?

A: For this information, please go to our UC Santa Cruz Statistics Page.

Q: What are the immunization and TB requirements?

A: All new and incoming students are required to complete a TB Risk Assessment and to provide proof of having had required immunizations. Complete information and instructions can be found here.